Производство спутниковых антенн и корпусов ресиверов, изготовление оснастики
Калининградская обл. Гусевский р-н.
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PRANCOR has the technical capacity to produce (using high-precision equipment) parts of any shape and drawing depth by cold forming and bending from hot- and cold-rolled sheet metal up to 3 mm thickness on presses with the force of up to 300 tons using the customer’s equipment (tooling) and, if necessary, followed by protective and decorative coating of parts (powder coating). Cold stamping production.


Штамповка деталей

The parts are made from sheet steel blanks by deforming materials while they are in super plastic state, including the complex shapes of double curvature of large sizes with high precision. This method minimizes consumption of the processed materials thanks to smaller technological allowances compared to other methods. Tooling used with this method allows for drastic reduction of the number of technological transitions which significantly reduces the cost of preparation for production. The method allows productivity of manufacturing to reach the size of small-scale and mass production.


Холодная листовая штамповка