Производство спутниковых антенн и корпусов ресиверов, изготовление оснастики
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Powder coating

Покраска порошковой краской

PRANCOR has workshops for powder coating with polymeric inks from leading foreign manufacturers in Finland, Italy and Austria.

  • Polymeric powder coating applied to products of any shape.
  • Shade of color of coating is chosen by the customer from our catalog.

Polymeric powder coating has a unique set of qualities:

  • increased strength for impact, bending, abrasion and other mechanical influences;
  • increased adhesion with painted surfaces;
  • resistance to solutions of alkalis, acids and organic solvents;
  • wide range of operating temperatures;
  • wide range of coating thickness;
  • resistance of the coating to the effects of variable temperatures;
  • decorative qualities;
  • variety of textures;

When powder coating is applied clean technology is used for producing high-quality protective and decorative coatings. 

Порошковая покраска металла