Производство спутниковых антенн и корпусов ресиверов, изготовление оснастики
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даунлайт195LED luminaries and lamps provide uniform light output, making coverage comfortable and absolutely safe for the human eye. The effect of a uniform light output is achieved through elimination of flickering or pulsing. LED lamps have a low heating temperature and this allows them to be mounted in any ceiling: suspended and tension, as well as in all kinds of structures made of wood and plastic. At the same time LED lights are cost effective due to low power consumption. When you buy lamps directly from the manufacturer, you save your money by avoiding mediation between seller and consumer. Recessed LED luminaries for general lighting from companies ARMSTRONG and DOWNLIGHT are designed for installation in suspended ARMSTRONG ceilings or boarded plasterboard ceiling systems in offices and administrative buildings. ICEBERG pendant lights intended for ambient lighting of administrative buildings, offices and public spaces.  



Perforated mounting is effective when used in any building compounds, such as installation of wooden beams, walls and other structures. Each fastening element is coated with zinc and it can be used for both internal and external finish. That is why the perforated mounting is widely used in restoration, home repair, installation of shelves, and so on. You can purchase perforated fasteners at wholesale today. Its scope is quite broad. Because the material used for this product is galvanized steel, optionally coated with powder paint, mounting characterized by high strength and resistance to corrosion.


logo_funkeWe offer comfortable, high-quality solutions at excellent prices. Aerials are developed by Dutch company Funke and provide maximum ease of use: they don’t require sophisticated equipment and provide the perfect digital reception. Use of the latest technology gives these antennas unique features that provide the best possible reception of digital television.